COVID-19 Guidelines and Response

  1. Watch
      • FBF leadership is following updates from the Center for Disease Control and Chester County                       Department of Health in order to make informed decisions
      • FBF leadership will keep the congregation informed of any developments that could impact                         congregants and the church as a whole
  2. Prevention Protocols
      • Cleaning
          1. Church cleaning service is using proper materials to deep clean the church as needed
      • Worship Service/Prayer Meeting
          1. Use hand sanitizer before entering the sanctuary
          2. Masks are to be worn at all times unless seated in a pew
          3. Attempt to maintain 6 feet of separation in the sanctuary
          4. Handshaking and hugging are discouraged
      • Sunday School
          1. Use hand sanitizer before entering Sunday school room(s)
          2. Masks are to be worn at all time
          3. Maintain 6 feet of separation
  1. Management
      • FBF experiences 3 or more household positive cases
          1. Church will cease all in-person activities (worship, Sunday school, etc.) for three (3) weeks
          2. FBF leaders will send a broad communication to the congregation informing every one of the            closure start date and tentative re-opening date
          3. Worship service will resume utilizing Facebook Live
          4. Adult Sunday School will resume using Zoom
          5. Children and Youth Group Sunday school will be paused until it is safe to gather once again
  2. Congregational Responsibilities
      • Adhere church prevention protocols  any decisions made by FBF leaders
          1. If a congregant feels ill, they should stay home until they feel better
          2. If a congregant has a fever, they should stay home until the fever has been gone for at least 24        hours and without use of fever-reducing medications
          3. Any congregant who travels to any other state, comes in close contact with a person from                  another state, or is possibly exposed to someone who has contracted or is being tested for                Covid-19 should not come to the church for 14 days or 2 worship services
          4. If a congregant discovers they have been exposed to someone with Coivd-19 or who is being          tested for Covid-19, they should contact one of the elders to determine if contract tracing is              required for the congregation